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May 07, 2007


Ponn Sabra

Dearest Elbert,

I am so touched that you've shared as an example of a community coming together. In my over-tired eyes from a rough night with the eyes are twinkling with tears.

Why? Because I've been sharing some truly personal posts lately, and the response has been far from what I ever imagined!

I posted, wrote from the heart more for the personal therapy...little did I know I could help others, let alone gain from it!

And, as we maintain top rankings for being an International Women Entrepreneurs' Resource Center, half of all my readers and subscribers are males. Surprisingly, the past 4 days, I've received the kindness, gentle, loving support for the unique expression of empowerment I share in my writing...from these males too.

All of this is truly humbling for me.

I suspect, you do exactly this in Sowing the Seeds through your music :-)

BTW, even ones closest friends and family wouldn't buy everything you've produced strictly out of "support"...they've had to have gained greatly from your work too. :-)

I willingly forge forward in your mission as your "friend" ,"neighbor" and Powerful Network Pal!

Please let me know whatever I can do, so we can share the true meaning of "Success "together! And, no, money is not in the definition ;-)

To our success & empowerment,

Liz (Rippin-Kitten)

Hey, awesome. Thanks for the link-love! I shall definitely reciprocate!

Steven Cohen

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how sweet, my blogzine is included in your link love, i've return the favor. i myself did a lot of 'visit' to blogs during the weekend using Blogmad. Some interesting minds! I ought to visit more... p/s i just came across and find it kinda interesting. cheers :)

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