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Elbert West, president of LifeCo Productions, LLC and co-founder of The STAF-Foundation, Inc., began sowing the seeds of his life-garden in the early 1990’s as a country music singer, songwriter and producer. As a songwriter, Elbert has enjoyed sales of more than 7 million CDs worldwide with such hit songs as Sticks and Stones and Can’t Break It to My Heart for country music star Tracy Lawrence. After 15 years of success in the entertainment industry, Elbert experienced what he calls “enlightenment”, leading to his retiring to develop and teach the principals shared in his book "Sowing Seeds of Purpose" (How to Harvest A Life Abundant). As a Success/Life Coach Elbert helps others to plug-in to the infinite power of the universe and master the laws of attraction by consciously and strategically sowing the seeds of thought, word and action in all areas of their personal and professional lives.